Smelter Audit

Is your smelter operating to its full potential?




LMRC engineers can provide a fresh and professional perspective about the smelter operation and performance by conducting an audit of the smelter facilities and operations.

The audit conducted by LMRC is comprehensive and includes:

  • Operational practices
  • Use of data
  • Decision making process
  • Thermal balance management
  • Utilisation of equipment 

The audit can cover some or all of the following smelter areas according to the client needs:

  • Potrooms
  • Bath Processing
  • Gas Treatment Centre
  • Anode Paste Plant and Baking Furnace
  • Rodding Room
  • Pot Reconstruction

The outcome of the audit will include recommendations on ways to improve the performance of the process and better utilise data, equipment and people. These recommendations can be implemented by the smelter engineers/operators or with further support from LMRC engineers.



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