Case Studies

Light Metals Research Centre are engaged in many projects on various aspects of Aluminium industry, 

from developing new technologies, teaching smelter operators and managers to optimising smelter performance. 

Here are some examples of the projects we have done in smelters and in our labs: 

Reducing energy consumption
Reducing energy consumption in aluminium reduction cells without compromising current efficiency.

Amperage Increase Program on Aluminium Reduction Cells
Identifying the constraints limiting amperage increase and find solution pathways to remove these constraints.

Implementation of Gen3 Potline Control System in a 500kA Smelter

Shell Heat Exchanger
Implementation of Shell Heat Exchanger Technology in a smelter

Smelter Performance Audits
An independent audit of a single potline at the smelter in China. The purpose for the audit 
was to highlight best practices and identify potential improvement pathways.

Automatic Anode Effect Termination (AET) Strategies
Successfully testing AET strategy on a single 400kA technology potline.

Improving the Properties and Performance of Anode’s Cast Iron
Improving control and composition consistency of cast iron at the rodding room.

Heat Balance adjustment by new anode cover design
Implementation of new anode cover recipe and practice to adjust heat balance.

Alumina Fines and the Impact on Aluminium Smelting
Fundumental research that looks the at smelter-wide implications of alumina quality.

Managing Potlife through Statistical Analysis 
Analysis using statistical tools to get insights on all aspects affecting potlife and maximize capital return.

Improving the Properties and Performance of Cathode Materials
Characterising pitch-impregnated cathode samples and determining the relative reactivity in a laboratory environment.