Senior Profiles


  Mark Dorreen, Director

Mark has broad heavy industrial experience, having worked on aluminium smelting projects in both potrooms and carbon plant rodding rooms, and in technical, logistic and commercial roles in electric arc furnace steelmaking.  As well as managing the Asia and Australasia project portfolio, he leads the development of the Shell Heat Exchanger technology.



  Ron Etzion, Manager, Modelling and Fundamental

Ronny has a background in Magnesium production and research.  He joined the Centre in 2003 and did his PhD thesis on degradation of SiC refractory sidewall materials. He manages the modelling group and has worked on various projects including improvement of Söderberg cell technology, process control, development of new cell material, and development of alternative methods for aluminium production.


Dr.Yashuang Gao (Song), Manager, China

Song has 10 years’ experience in research and development, technical support, new technology development and project management for the primary aluminium smelting industry. Her main experience is within aluminium smelting environments in primary aluminium smelters, focusing on advanced process control strategies and innovative technologies design, development and implementation, operational optimisation, human decision making optimisation, and automation improvement.
Song also leads the design, development and implementation of Gen3 Potline Control and Management System.


  Pascal Lavoie, Chief Engineer

Pascal brings experience in various aluminium reduction technologies; from Söderberg to high amperage pre-bake. He holds integrated knowledge of aluminium production chain, process control and management systems.  He has extensive experience in Continuous Improvement Systems implementation and teaching, including a Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

Pascal also has experience in other light metals and steel production and transformation processes. He received the Young Leader Award from TMS Light Metals Division in 2006.

    David Cotton, Manager - Laboratory and Technical

David has been with the Centre since it was established in 2002. He is in charge of laboratory equipment design, installation and operation. This includes off-the-shelf hardware and developing new hardware & techniques where no ready-made solution exists. David's background is in process plant instrumentation and automation in several process industries.