Contributing Academics


Professor Mark Taylor, Director, Product Accelerator

Prior joined Light Metals, Mark was the Manager for implementing a $450m smelter upgrade at New Zealand Aluminium Smelter. He was appointed as General Manager for Boyne Smelter in Queensland and has published over 150 papers, over 40 publications. He is also the recipient of two Best Paper Awards at TMS and authored more than 300 technical reports. Mark offers substantial experience in aluminium smelter operation and new technology development.


Professor Margaret Hyland- Deputy Dean, Engineering faculty

Professor Hyland has been active in aluminium reduction technology research for more than 15 years, working with major international aluminium producers and suppliers. Her areas of interest are in environmental emissions and capture; chemical and mechanical properties of cathode and anode materials and development of new materials. She was the winner of 4 TMS Awards and has published over 60 papers and over 80 technical reports.


Professor James Metson- Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research

Professor Metson's research work largely based in surface and materials science and extensive contact with the aluminium industry, including in the development of a new dry-scrubbing technology and studies of cell emissions, electrolyte chemistry and electrode reactivity. He presented more than 20 plenary and keynote lectures, has over 160 research publications and 70 technical reports, He is also the award winner of TMS 1994 and New Zealand Shell Prize for Industrial Chemistry in 1995.


Professor John Chen, Chemical and Material Engineering

Professor Chen has published over 170 papers in international journals and conference proceedings, one patent and over 60 proprietary research reports. He is on the Light Metals Division and the Aluminium Committee of TMS and has received numerous awards including the best paper from TMS and IPENZ. His research interests include the modelling of the aluminium smelting process, the treatment of molten metal, and process control in potroom