Light Metals Research Centre


Light Metal Research Centre (LMRC)  is a dedicated centre for light metals research development and training. It was Founded in 2002 as part of Auckland UniServices Ltd, a wholly-owned company of the University of Auckland. The centre has over 20 professional and doctoral researchers and a dozen contributing academics from The University of Auckland

Providing Technical Support

The centre is leading Independent Technology and Training Provider for Smelters Globally with 40 smelter clients from all continents have been associated with LMRC for number of years. LMRC technical support to the aluminium industry globally including:

  • Alumina and reduction technology
  • Environmental technology
  • Anode and  cathode technology
  • Casthouse technology


LMRC technologies are now in use in many of these smelters. Corporations such as Alcoa, RioTinto Alcan, Alba, Trimet Aluminium, Hydro and some of the key Chinese smelters are advised by us on a regular basis, as a result substantial improvements to operational and environmental performance are key outcomes of such collaborations

In addition to aluminium smelters, LMRC has long standing relationships with major cathode, coke and alumina suppliers


Contribution to Aluminium Scientific Community


LMRC Academics Are World Recognized Experts in aluminium smelting  and alumina production

  • A team with a succession of awards through The Minerals Metals & Materials Society (TMS) USA
  • The largest contributor of TMS Aluminium research papers outside of Chinese Institutes in recent years
  • Professors Taylor, Chen, Metson, Hyland and Young are frequent keynote and invited speakers at international conferences
  • Professor Taylor was the keynote speaker in the plenary session, with Professor Metson as the organizer of the Alumina and Bauxite technical program at TMS 2011
  • Many PhD theses on aluminium-production related topics were written by LMRC students, the topics of these theses can be seen in this list.


LMRC members have published papers both in TMS conferences and peer-reviewed refereed journal articles, a list of the publications can be found here.

Over the years, we have also performed short courses for TMS on a number of occasions.