Post Graduate Certificate Course

Postgraduate Certificate in Light Metals Reduction Technology (PGCertLMRTech)

This program aims to teach advanced concepts in chemical and materials engineering specific to light metals reduction technology, especially aluminium. The programme content draws on recent advances in technology and leading edge research and uses experts from academia and industry as lecturers and tutors. The postgraduate certificate covers the complete process of aluminium production from raw materials to final products, with a strong practical and plant-based focus.

This program fitures a mixture of lectures, assignments, projects, test and field trips which have all be designed to promote a better understanding of smelting fundamentals and practices. The program covers the fundamentals of aluminium production, alumina, cell design, operational practices, smelter control, anodes, environmental control and emissions and casthouse operations. The four papers that make up the PGCertLMRTech are:

    CHEMMAT 717:  Electrochemical Engineering- focuses on thermodynamics of aluminium electrolysis; heat and mass balance; components of cell voltage; resistance and voltage tracking and anode effect and its mitigation.
    CHEMMAT 718: Aluminium Reduction Process Operations -focuses on monitoring overall aluminium cell performance. Optimising cell performance, scheduling of operations, dealing with process excursions, metal treatment and quality.
    CHEMMAT 726: The Light Metals Industry - an overview of the light metals: Ti, Al and Mg, their chemistry, metallurgy and processing. It also deals with trends in the global light metals productions and users, recent advances in extending applications for these materials and environmental issues in their production.
    CHEMMAT 727: Materials Performance and Selection for Light Metals Processing- focuses on the performance requirements of anodes, cathodes, cell refractories and other aluminium cell construction materials.
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