Alumina Characterization Expertise


LMRC has a long history of research into alumina microstructure and developed the fundamental knowledge required to examine unconventional properties and their effect on the reduction and scrubbing processes. Our research and analysis capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Phase analysis using X-ray diffraction with Rietveld refinement
  • Surface area analysis using N2 physisorption (BET method) and pore characteristics (using BJH method)
  • Particle size distributions both by sieving and Laser analyser.
  • Moisture on ignition (MOI)/ Loss on ignition (LOI) analysis using Thermogravimetric analyses (TGA)
  • Microscopy - particularly electron microscopy (SEM/ESEM) for bulk and cross-sectioned materials
  • Impurities analysis using X- Ray Fluorecence (XRF)
  • Spectroscopic techniques such as  X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)
  • A range of furnaces to simulate aluminium reduction cells and explore alumina calcination
  • HF scrubbing efficiency - HF loading on alumina in various temperature and humidity conditions, this is done in a unique dedicated lab using Boreal © laser (more on this facility is on our HF scrubbing page)


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